To the mountain climbing, river or marine activities.
Expand your outdoor activity with a 200-meter water resistant model.

Introducing the PRW-7000 Series, the new addition to the PRO TREK lineup of outdoor watches. True to the PRO TREK spirit, this new watch is designed to be tougher, more functional, and easier to use.
The digital compass has an auto level correction function that helps to make readings more accurate. A sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating on the surfaces improves both durability and readability. A large second hand is made using carbon fiber material, while a highly readable STN LCD enhances usability.





Triple Sensor, Ver.3

Miniature built-in sensors take highly accurate readings of direction, atmospheric pressure/temperatures and altitudes and indicate the measurement values with an analogue hand and LCD. They detect changes in natural phenomena immediately to support users in making appropriate responses.


Tough Solar

This proprietary CASIO solar-powered battery-recharging system assures stable operation of various power-hungry functions, including dial lighting, alarms, stopwatches and measurement functions.


Multi Band 6

This radio-controlled timekeeping technology can receive standard time-calibration signals from all 6 transmission stations worldwide and correct the time for the North American, European, Chinese and Japanese regions.


Smart Access

Smart Access equipped combination model offers easy control by quick-lock crown over operations such as altitude measurement correction and alarm setting. Trouble-free time setting can also be conducted simply by pulling out, rotating and pushing in the crown.


Neon Illuminator / Phosphorescent processing/ LED light

Phosphorescent processing is applied to the hands and the top surfaces of the hour markers, which are made of a material that reacts to black light. A special fluorescent ink is printed on the retrograde hand, moreover, so that the hour markers and hands float up when the LED light is turned on in the dark.

Hand-concealment function

Hands momentarily move away from digital readouts when you check displayed readings.

Tide Graph / Moon Data / Fishing Time

The moon age and tidal movements can be displayed for any date. Anglers appreciate the Fishing Time function, which displays the best times for fishing on a selected day.

Sunrise, sunset time display

World time for 48 cities including Kathmandu, Nepal

200-meter water resistance

Low-temperature Resistant (–10°C/14°F)



High-contrast face design

Large, white 3D hour markers and white hands are set against the black dial in the interest of visibility.


Retrograde hand

A retrograde hand serves as an indicator for the Tide Graph, bearing memory, pressure and altitude differential. A high-speed, bidirectional dual-coil motor drives a variety of intriguing hand movements.


Carbon-fiber insert band [PRW-7000]

Carbon fiber is molded into the urethane resin band material to assure high strength and durability.


Field composite band [PRW-7000FC]

This band is made of urethane components that have metal inserts, and fine resin components. A double-lock buckle has a slide adjustment mechanism.


Sapphire crystal

An abrasion-resistant sapphire crystal assures a clear view of the dial at all times.