PRO TREK WORLDFeel the field

2014 Combination model with Triple Sensor, Ver. 3 and Smart Access PRW-6000

The embodiment of a tool concept realized through advanced technologies, PRO TREK continues to evolve as genuine outdoor gear. It deploys Triple Sensor, Ver. 3 to take high-precision measurements of directions, atmospheric pressure/temperatures and altitudes, and adds radio-controlled, solar-powered timekeeping to assure accuracy in locations around the world, from the European Alps to the high Himalayas. From assured direct button control to high-specification water resistance, PRO TREK is loaded with functions designed to support activities in the field.

2015 A 200-meter water resistant model with Triple Sensor, Ver. 3 on board PRW-3500

Users have a wide selection of models to choose from depending on their individual needs, moreover, from combination models offering intuitive, at-a-glance data confirmation to slim models designed for superior wearability and multi-field models featuring 200-meter water resistance.

The watch that inspires adventurous minds by opening up new fields of activity, PRO TREK is for everyone who loves the Great Outdoors.